Sunday, September 23, 2007

Madeline, Jena 6 and O.J. Simpson

Honestly, I am tired of giving excuses as if I am the only with so much going on in her life. Henceforth, I will jut put up a bold face when i have taken a long break from blogging or even visiting favorite blogsites...

There has been just so much I wanted to write about but never got round to doing anything...I am almost ending up like the people I counsel and tell not to just think of doing it but go ahead and take some action.

Madeline Mcain
First I wanted to express my shock and continuous disbelief that Madeline Mcain's parents have anything to do with her disappearance. If this is proven, I am sure to lose all faith in human race (not that I have that much faith)...I am one of the people who believe that the police have not been able to solve this and are just looking for something to hang on. It has to be. Does anyone think differently? How come this issue is even showing up on my blogsite among everything else that I want to talk about? I guess, I am greatly puzzled by the recent or rather the last turn out of events in this matter.

Jena 6
Secondly, I have been very worried about the Jena 6...the six black high school students imprisoned and facing trial for 'attempted murder' of a white boy...yes indeed. The events leading up to the beating now renamed "attempted murder" is most disturbing. Can you imagine in the year 2007 that there is a tree in a school that only 'white boys can sit on'... wonders will never end I tell you!!! The things that still go on in America are mind boggling and they want to solve the problem of the rest of the world when they have not even been able to resolve their domestic about freedom and defence of freedom.

I like President bush no matter what anyone says but to think that there is something like this going on in the US in this year and age and he is busy defending democracy and freedom of mankind in middle east (he has very little interest in Africa...) is something that he should stop and ponder...guys tell me where to send advise to so that he can see what I really think about this Jena 6 issue.

O.J Simpson
How much and how far can a man be a fool. I really do not want to call any man made by God a fool but Oj sure qualifies now really. How can O.J whom the whole of America (which is equal to the whole world in the eyes of americans) think that he is guilty ever imagine that he can play the last joke on himself and get away with it. Without joining any school of thought, I think he is a fool. How could he walk into such set up? I am waiting to see how this unfolds. They have been lurking around him waiting for him to even sneeze with the wrong nose so that he can be jailed then he had the guts to play some pranks with or without gun...although no one has said he was carrying any gun yet but some one in his gang group had 'weapon'. Not only did he put focus on himself recently with "If I did it" book which reopened wounds in people's mind and soul...he now decided to act like a high school boy. If you ask me, something is really wrong with the guy.

Now that I have ranted off all the things that I have been thinking about that are all problems of "the world" maybe I can now focus on my own issues. Tii hee!!!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Homeless to Harvard

Something I have always believed and preach is that we all have a choice to what we want to be and who we become. Personally, I think though that some people are able to come to this “point of decision” very early in life and some quite late and some never do.

I watched a movie that touched the core of my heart and soul yesterday titled “Homeless to Harvard” and it brought home this very truth. The question I pondered though was "how possible is it to make this decision early enough before it is too late?" How come some people are focused from birth and others float and others get to be kicked and pushed towards making something meaningful out of their lives and the ones that never do blame God, society, parents sometimes even siblings for taking the entire love that their parents had for all. I have seen and heard so many ridiculous excuses and reasons why people ended up being a problem to society and disgrace to God who sent them here but that is a topic for another.

We certainly do have a choice of what we become and what we make of of our lives. We are responsible to ourselves and for whatever decisions we make. It is often disheartening to hear people say “I had no choice”…there is always a choice open to us. Without getting religious about this, because I was going to quote the bible that says there are always two doors open to us…let me skip that now…we do have a choice. We make and have made some poor choices in life (I have at least) but we have also opportunity if we have life to make a “U” turn and do the right thing.

Sometimes people say “too much water has passed under the bridge’ so what? You are still not drowning under that bridge are you? If you can discern that too much water has passed under the bridge, then you can make some adjustments. In this movie, this girl “turned herself homeless” although she could say “I had no choice” but from my point of view there was really no difference between her home and the streets that she chose. Her mother and her father are both under drugs and are HIV positive…her mother in addition was legally blind and was dying …how homeless can one become? She loved both parents and wished that they made better choices but I never heard a word or a tone of condemnation of judgment... a big lesson for me.

The turning point of the movie and her life was when she like the prodigal son of the bible decided it was time to make a change and determined that no matter what she will make the desired changed. She started knocking on “closed doors” and insisting that those doors be opened to her. She also realized that she has wasted her time and her life and was determined to pay the ‘debt”. Now that is one thing that is tough. Some of us even when we have decided to make the change will like to wish the consequences of our mistakes and poor decisions away. It is usually the bitter pill that we find so difficult to manage. She took 10 courses per term (killing herslef like the teacher said)…finished 4 years high school program in two years because she wasted her years on the street (all still homeless)…and in her words “Now I am going to college and Wall Street Journal is paying”…she actually got the most coveted scholarship and went to Harvard.

What is stopping you from becoming who and what you dream to be??