Monday, November 23, 2009

Getting back into shape

It is amazing how one year or a little over one year (to be quite honest) can make such a huge difference. No, it is not the fifty-two pounds that I gained during my pregnancy(yes there is no typo there, it is a whooping 52 pounds that I put on in the 9 months period). It is the inability to return to exercise that I am referring to here. So with my new look (looking a little like an oversized hippo) I returned to the gym and this time to a different gym from the one I had gone to for decades. The decision was not an easy one... can you beat that? I even agonized over which gym to go to. I agonize over a lot of things come to think of it.

I will spare you all the laughter and the alarm on my self appointed trainer at the gym when he saw me. He was shocked, shocked and then very shocked but when he was convinced that he was actually looking at me, he allowed himself a hearty laughter and wandered how that could ever happen. You can imagine how I must have felt... although I knew I was big, I just did not realize how bad. But I had my son to show for it so I could not be very bothered. I was also internally aware of the work that I will have to do only I really really under estimated how hard that work will turn out to be. I thought, since I had gone that road before and recovered, I will do it again. Mmmhhh!!! I forgot the age factor.

The most amazing is not only that I was out of shape,I was out of rythm. Believe it or not step aerobics had taken a leap into the future while I was gone and everything that I know is like less than basic. Even the moves that I knew before seem to even have all been renamed with terms from space. So we have this class called step revolution and it is pure revolution. I am still trying to figure things out... you can only experience it to know what I mean. There are a number of ladies who really are good at his hyped revolution and they seem to me like step super stars.

The highlight of this mesmerizing moves came a couple of weeks ago... I was down on the treadmill slugging it out when I saw another lady who stays at the back row with me in this revolution class and we are birds of the same feather...only I do not really get so tired whether I get the moves or not but this my friend has the gift of panting 15 minutes into the class (you would think she had been working out for 60 minutes). So I said to my friend "I did not see you in the class today" and she responded " that class makes me dizzy so I am never going to be doing that step class anymore". That sent me reeling... No doubt some of those twists and turns are for aliens not humans but some alien humans have been getting them.

In my estimation, I thought I was really good but so far, that has not been the case. It keeps getting better but some moves really look like michael Jackson's moonwalk and totally out of this world. However, it really shows that no matter how good we think we are at something, there is still a lot more we do not know. So now I am poised to see how I can join the aliens who are way into the future in the name of step aerobics.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Return to the Blogger world

I was not sure when I was going to say this: "I am back". It has been two long years since my last posting.

In those two years, quite a lot has happened. A lot of ups and a lot of downs as would be in anyone's life. I believe that it has been more ups than downs.

I have been getting emails from my regular readers asking about when I will be back and to please start blogging again. I really want to thank all of you for hanging in there while I was on the unannounced break.

While I have not been blogging, I have been taking occasional forays into my favorite bloggers site and some have even signed off finally from the blog world. Calabar gal will be sorely missed. I am sure she is writing in another medium.

As I mentioned earlier, a lot has happened... I got older and wiser in the last two years (obvious right?), you will be surprised that wisdom has nothing to do with the calendar years. I had another baby boy and I have been busy nuturing him in his first year of life. That was very life changing...each child is life changing when he or she arrives. Did I mention that Obama also became president while I was gone and Michael Jackson passed... who would have beleived those two years ago?

I believe that things happen to us for a reason and sometimes it is never quite clear at the time it is happening. Secondly, we are fools if we never learn from our experiences and experiences of others.

I will do my best to share some of my experiences with you and hear your comments.

Thank you all again for hanging around and believing that I will be back someday...