Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What's looks got to do with it?

I never thought that I will be writing something like this and actually seriously making a point that looks has everything to do with it.
We were told growing up that brain power is really the key to doors opening re\; getting employed. We were told that employers and interviewers were always looking for smart intelligent people and we believed it. The only thing else was to dress properly for interviews, do your homework as in find out about the company bla bla. I guess those work still but I think everyone does that anyway so now what else will separate you from the lot…
Background… the corporate world is changed a whole lot in the last couple of years say the last 5 to 10 years and rapidly changing too. The management and executives of companies are drastically and dramatically younger and have the rules sometimes upside down. Right or wrong, (that is a debate I will not get into) the factors of consideration are expanded to include unwritten ones… and the ones that no one will tell you.
Remember what you were told about impression? Exactly, exhume confidence, poise and “I am it” look… so now we get to looks
Mnnh! Mnhh! , let me think…. Looks? People will argue this until thy kingdom come (is it really God’s kingdom we are referring to here… I am not sure) that it makes little or difference but I can confidently say that it makes a lot of difference. Oh boy! It sure makes a difference. Looks? You ask again… yes I say emphatically. What looks… enhanced natural looks on a very thin body cladded in tight designer outfit . Get the picture? Once they step in some interviewers forget the prepared questions and only ask “When can you start?”
I was on a recruitment fair once and believe me a lady walked in and it was like a lightning struck instantly and I was the only female in a panel of 5. My interviewing colleagues all instantly developed lumps in their throat and you should have seen the sheepish smile on their faces…
I remember thinking, not all candidates are going to be miss something before coming for an interview… but I truly believe that if you are serious about getting a job, in addition to your “second to none” resume, if you are overweight and shabbily dressed with dreadful hair… not a lot of people will be patient enough to find out what you have upstairs except you are coming on a strong referral.
One more point, the parameters of beauty have also been adjusted so broadly speaking everyone is beautiful or can become beautiful if the right clothes are worn, the right makeup is applied and the accessories are attached … so as you can see, everyone still stands a chance of being employed only brain power now need some serious support.